Our Mission

At Above Atlantis, our mission is to harmonize environmental and social systems. We are currently working to bring the latest in data technology as products and services for flood risk mitigation. We specialize in cloud-based data analysis, geospatial modelling and consumer-focused experiences.

Left to right; Jay Matsushiba, Rafael Rigon, Tom Hui, Shantanu Dutt

Jay Matsushiba (BSc.)

Jay is a biologist and GIScientist. His passion is exploring and understanding the systems that make our world work. He co-founded Atlantis with the goal of making information more accessible for communities and pushing for new techniques in visualization.

Rafael Rigon (BSc.)

Rafael is an electrical engineer. An aspiring polymath, Rafael is interested in the intersection between technology and sustainability. He co-founded Above Atlantis with the intent of building a successful social enterprise.

Tom Hui (HBSc. | MEng.)

Tom is a civil engineer specializing in environmental engineering and advanced water treatment technologies. Tom is driven to pursue solutions for sustainable environmental development. He co-founded Above Atlantis to deliver his expertise in geosciences.

Shantanu Dutt (BSc. | MSc.)

Shantanu is an environmental scientist who works on projects that foster co-existence of humans and nature. He co-founded Above Atlantis to develop solutions that are utilitarian in the face of climate change and population vulnerability.


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